advise for selection of course

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advise for selection of course

Postby barton » Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:28 pm

i just want to know that which course is good for me as "Having so much headache dealing with OUAC. A desperate undergraduate student who needs help from you Smiley

So basically I have my PR card in hand and Im currently living in UAE. I will finish my high school after couple of months.
The thing is with applying to OUAC. I have submitted my application to the university through the OUAC website. My application consisted of my program choices and personal information .
and Im still waiting for my application to be processed by the universities. The problem is, I havent sent any academic transcripts yet. I mean when do I really send these to univerisities ?
Shall I wait till my application is being processed by OUAC first ? Or it's just from the moment I have paid the fees and submitted my application to universities I should send my transcripts to to them ?
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